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Boy Trouble -.-

Recently alot of guys have been getting a little to close for comfort.  My friend that is a freshmen well he keeps coming up to me in the hallways and keeps hugging me from behind.  Like today he got really too close to my face that if I even turned a little to the side he could have possibly kissed me.  And he knows that I have a boyfriend cause all of the Drama Club knows, which he is a part of.  And I don’t know how to say back off where it sounds too mean and he tells everyone something or whatever.  I mean seriously not even my boyfriend hugs me from behind other than when I’m cooking for him.

And another friend keeps messaging me and keeps flirting with me sending me winky faces and I mean I have it on my profile that I’m in a relationship along with having told him that I have a boyfriend. I mean yea he helps me from time to time especially when I stained my pants and he walked behind me til we got to the nurses office, but I thought he was just being friendly, but lately he’s been making me seem like it’s more than that.  I don’t know I seriously don’t need any guy problems with my boyfriend right now especially cause we can’t get him stressed out without causing more damage to his brain and head. Ugh…if you guys have any tips on how to turn them down nicely please let me know.


they’re meant for each other 

I want to wake up to you kissing me, in the middle of the night.
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Our first picture as a couple back in May 2013 (;

Our first picture as a couple back in May 2013 (;

All About Us

I was thinking about him today, my boyfriend, I mean I think about him everyday especially with everything that had been happening with him. How could I not? As I was thinking about our relationship and how we ended up going out and it’s funny thinking and knowing that me and him never once flirted with each other before we started going out.  It was just that I began to like him and he liked me, but either of us knew it until I as about to ask him out and my cousin told him that I liked him.  And its funny knowing that none of this was planned that we’d end up where we are now. I love him like there is no tomorrow and deep down inside I feel like we are meant to be cause it feels like there is no other boy, no other celebrity that can compare to him.  I envy that couple that died 15 hours apart because I want to grow old with him and have a family with him regardless of his genetic health risk, if that’s the case we could always adopt or what not. But I love him and it’s just funny now thinking back to we were just Victoria ..and..Ramon and now we’re Victoria and Ramon two people that made it against the odds and are still together even when others told us we wouldn’t make it. We’ve known each other since elementary and in highschool but it wasn’t until last year that we really noticed each other. We’ve been through hell and back, but still came out strong. It’s almost a year that we’ve been together since even though we had broken up we were only still talking to each other and still had strong feelings for each other.
I’m about to graduate high school and he’ll be taking a semester off from college due to his health, but it’s fine I’m not gonna be too far away i’m only a three hour drive and I can always come and visit.
But it’s like we went from joking around sarcastically during lunch with no intention of dating to going out then falling in love (:

And I titled the text All About Us cause if you’ve seen the music video it’s bascially mine and his story lately going through some dark times, but staying strong and in love no matter what<3

how to properly escape paparazzi a novel by taylor momsen (x)


Extreme Grinding! 


Extreme Grinding! 

Feeling special (:

So today I felt special. I’m best friends with my boyfriends ex and it’s actually not awkward at all we’re really close and she always gives me good advice or tries to cheer me up if I’m having a bad day. So she had asked me if me and my boyfriend, whom i’ve mentioned about in the past, Ramon, ever kiss using tongue and I told her yes. And she told me that they never did, that he didn’t see himself doing that to her or anyone. But for us when we started going out we would just kiss, then in later months I guess became more intimate, not sex, which I guess would be using tongue.  I don’t know it doesn’t seem like a big deal since many couples do it, but still I guess for him it was a big step at that time, and well for us I look at where our relationship is at and think wow I never thought we’d be doing the things we are when we first started going out.  I guess we both grew and began to trust each other more. (:  I don’t know I know this is a weird post, but I just wanted to tell someone about my day (: <3 I absolutely love my boyfriend he’s a total sweetheart <3